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Welcome to the 3rd edition of "Economic Pulse" - your window to Edominacy global economy.

Since most analysis takes time to collect and format into an article I decided this one will be a quick one to have the data fresh as possible.

we have collected info from our last 20 top countries excluding Morocco but in later articles we'll update that charts to be more accurate.

So let's dive into business, which country offers the best to buy gold or cc?

First we'll look at total amounts:

We can see that Peru is leading with around 260 gold offered. Serbia and Sweden are 2nd and 3rd with around 163-165 each. 4th is Romania with around 135 gold and Slovenia is closing Big 5 Along with above 100 gold amounts with 128 gold offered.

Here we have Bulgaria leading with around 13k cc offered in markets, Greece and France with 9k+ each, Romania and Turkey share 4th+5th with around 7.35k, Georgia 6th with around 5.4k , Hungary and Sweden around 4k each sharing 8th-9th places.

from Serbia to Slovenia amounts are less than 1k, surprising that turkey have no cc to offer.
It would have seems Hungary, France, Georgia and Ukraine are pretty formidable, but that is because cc offered is by Admin, also in a favorable rate. this is good for cc buyers, bad for a country government since they can't turn their taxes to gold.

But we all know the most important thing are rates! so let's see what we have.
we have counted only offers that represent 20 gold or 400 cc since that amount can be sufficient to buy cheap goods or sell high and get some gold back quickly:

This is not a mistake in the column. We were so surprised we saw North Macedonia selling at 0.049 gold rate we had to place it first!
we can see the best countries to buy cc are Admin supported. Sweden leads without admin, offering almost 1500cc at 0.05 rate

Here we have Peru with around 4.2k and Sweden also stars again with around 2500 cc to buy.
So we now know where is best to BUY cheap goods with favorable cc buying rates. but where will you be able to exchange that cc into as much gold as possible?
Our lowest rate in the top 20(19) countries is: 22 and 23. We would like to comment on Romania and Sweden rate at 21.9(Nice marketing) but we will count that as 22:

Romania is leading at the 22 charts with 130 gold offered, very nice! Again, Sweden the surprise of our monetary exchange markets are showing up with 92 gold offered and Slovenia in 3rd place offering around 86.5 gold at 22 rate.

and finally at the 23 rates we have only Serbia and Iran, Serbia dominating with 100 gold offered at that rate while Iran offering 30 gold
Final notes:
There are a lot more factors to consider other what we have shown. Taxes in materials markets can play a part here specially with big amounts and some markets aren't balanced and supported by Admin.

Please feel to comment and add your 50 cents in the matter, as we will try to add more vectors into our perspective.

Hope you enjoyed reading "Economic Pulse",

See you in our next articles. 



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