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Dear Players,

Let's kick off by introducing the exciting features we've prepared for you. While some of these may be new to you, others may be familiar, but rest assured, we'll provide thorough explanations for each one. Should you have any questions or if we overlook something, please don't hesitate to reach out to us before the event begins. We're here to assist you with any queries you may have.

Weekly Challenge: Rise to the Trophy

This event operates on a daily basis, presenting missions for players to solve and earn rewards. Each day, you'll be presented with a list of 11 missions, some of which can be completed multiple times, earning you daily points and activity points. As you accumulate these points, you'll be able to unlock reward boxes that correspond to your achievements. The event begins on 15.04.2024 and concludes on 21.04.2024.
Within this event, we've included several sections that offer additional rewards, distributed daily and weekly in gold, aimed at encouraging you to exceed your limits.
Each day, you can open up to five blue reward boxes if you collect 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 points, respectively. Each box contains valuable rewards.
Our goal is to make this event a permanent feature of the game, running from Monday to Saturday every week. On Sundays, the event will still be visible but not playable, allowing you to view a summary table before the event closes for mission submissions. We are committed to improving this event and would appreciate your feedback on enhancing the missions and mechanics before we make it a permanent fixture. We look forward to your suggestions.

Quests Season

The Quests Season event awaits, offering a simple yet engaging challenge: completing missions across three distinct time periods. The event starts on April 15, 2024, and ends on May 5, 2024, this adventure boasts a total of 44 prizes, with the first one being free. To claim each prize, you must earn 1000 Stars.

Upon accessing the Quest Season tab, you'll encounter 8 quests divided into 3 sections:

One-Day Quests - 4 quests, each requiring 400 stars, spanning a duration of 24 hours.
Three-Day Quests - 2 quests, demanding 600 stars, duration of 72 hours.
Weekly Quests - 2 quests, commanding 1200 stars, duration of 168 hours.

Upon completing a quest, you'll await the expiration of a lease time on a timer before embarking on the next challenge. Quests will manifest randomly, and failure to solve a quest within the specified timeframe will prompt the arrival of a new one. Each quest is achievable within its designated period.
For those seeking additional rewards, a separate section is available for purchase. Acquiring one of our tickets grants access to extra rewards. Every participant can claim rewards until the event's culmination. With the event spanning 21 days, a timer will assist in tracking time. Please note that there will be no extensions, so ensure you collect all prizes punctually.

IMPORTANT: Kindly claim rewards promptly, as events will not be unlocked once they expire.

Administration changes

As you may already be aware, there have been recent administrative changes. With the new administration in place, our primary goal is to prioritize your feedback and work closely with developers to enhance your gaming experience. We encourage new and seasoned players alike to share their ideas, discuss events, and contribute to the long-term enjoyment of the game.
In light of these changes, we have made the decision to remove moderators from the game. While they served their purpose in the past, we believe it's unprofessional to have individuals with access to sensitive player data within the game. Moving forward, the administration will independently moderate the game, ensuring fairness and impartiality for all players.
In the coming days, automated software will be implemented to enforce game rules swiftly and effectively. Those who violate these rules will face automatic sanctions, contributing to a more equitable playing field for everyone.
We are excited to introduce the concept of the game "Ambassadors" - players who will serve as advocates for the game. These Ambassadors will assist us in various capacities, including organizing events, testing new features, creating articles, promoting the game through videos, and more. There's no limit to the number of positions available, and anyone willing to contribute their time and effort will be rewarded accordingly.
Lastly, we urge all players to maintain respect towards one another, refraining from insults or derogatory remarks. Let's keep the gaming environment enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. Remember to safeguard your personal information and above all, have fun! After all, this is a space where we can all unwind and escape from the rigors of real life.
Happy gaming to all!


- The damage caused by nukes has been adjusted from 50,000,000 to 20,000,000.
- A timer is now visible during pack cooldowns, providing clarity on the duration of wait time before the next purchase is available.
- For submitting issues or concerns, we kindly ask that you utilize our ticket system rather than sending private messages to the admin. Tickets are linked to your ID, streamlining the process for us to address your concerns. It's crucial to provide comprehensive information when submitting a ticket. While we understand that you may have urgent matters or questions, it's essential to include all relevant details to expedite our assistance. For instance, simply stating "I cannot attack" without providing further context can result in delayed or inefficient responses. Your cooperation in providing detailed information ensures a quicker resolution to your concerns.
- Stay connected with our community by joining our Discord server, where you'll find regular updates and announcements regarding any changes.
- Regarding elections, a significant upcoming "event", we are implementing measures to address concerns such as multi-accounting. We will set reasonable limits on player levels and implement other precautions to maintain fairness and integrity. On the day of the elections, we will announce the specific requirements for players to participate in the voting process via Discord.

Best regards,
eDominacy Team



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If such is the case regarding the mods, why one of them wasn't removed? He is still a player, isn't he? Also increase the gold from medals if you want to keep the people playing. @Statham there was an announcement 7 days prior.
Increase the gold from Round Hero medals to 2.5g!
u nerf the nuke but ppl got medals from the nuke dmg already...if i use a nuke now i lose value. U can't tweak number on the fly. At least give us 24h before u tweak nr....
Bring tovar back...
Happy gaming to all!
Quests Season It starts very early, it could have been a different event
Will you add more countries to the game?
Good job
Gold income for F2P players is absolutely minimal.
admin where is my gift ? Sad
Lower the cost for training centers.
Veränderungen und damit Verbesserungen sind immer gut, dennoch ist es sehr schwer für Spieler, die kein Geld einsetzen können, mit dem wenigen Gold was man bekommt mitzuhalten.
I see one huge issue with the "Weekly Challenge: Rise to the Trophy" event. The places are decided based on time (when you reach the points). So that means there will be a lot of players with the same points. But the first player to reach the amount will be first. So even if I collect all possible points and have MAX points I may not be 1st, maybe not even top 10, etc. We can clearly see the issue from day one. There are currently 4 (for now) players with max points. And the last of them is 4th, even if he has the same points as the first player.
(1) elhichko 15 Apr 2024 02:22 Cat's :cat2: vote and sub