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Published in Indonesia - Political debates and analysis - 12 Apr 2024 14:50 - 24

Alliance Update:

New Member, New Role, and Recent Events!

Greetings, fellow warriors! This update brings exciting news and a touch of bittersweet news.

A Warm Welcome!

We're thrilled to announce that Indonesia is officially joining our alliance family! We extend a heartfelt welcome to our new brothers and sisters in arms!

New Leadership Role

I'm honored to announce that I've taken on the role of Public Relations and Advisor to the Supreme Commander of Parabellum. I look forward to serving the alliance in this new capacity.

Victorious Campaign

After a long and hard-fought conflict, North Macedonia has been successfully neutralized. We commend their valiant fighting spirit and extend our gratitude to all alliance members who contributed to this effort.

Farewell to a Friend

It's with sadness that we announce the departure of Bule99 from the alliance. We wish him all the best in their future endeavors.

Stay Strong, Stay United!

With our growing alliance and dedicated leadership, we face the future with confidence. Together, we can achieve great things!


Onward to victory!



PR Of Parabellum Alliance



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first Laugh
Karabello alliance
secund , and firewell my friends it was nice battle and it was honored to fight for parabellum farewell my friends
Nice flag gifs bro
Same old People, from Erev, Erev2, eDom. And also Congratz to you Kaveh, you are a mod now!
I was a mod, now a PR Cheeky
o7 Indonesia ready to contribute
We play Farmville!?
It's an honor for us to be a member of Parabellum alliance o7
wah mantab ini gan
you guys made kaveh pr? XD
😂😂😂 they get more members 😂😂😂😂😂
we will get even more member! wanna join? Cheeky
Wow... Cool
Insane people with insane unbalanced alliance. Do you wanna kill this game before it even start?,
No more gangbang 🤣