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Published in Germany - Social interactions and entertainment - 14 Apr 2024 01:59 - 24

Today is my birthday, starting today i become 26 years old and though i feel like a fossil now i remember to myself that i get wiser year by year and thats a good thing. People grow with time and make connections with others.

One particular i want to speak about here is my friends i made through these games, some of my very first friends and mentors which were Terminon - Crazygeorge and Polilogas from Greece. Eevil King and Enigma the One from Slovenia as well as Ikta Solork from Turkey. I met many more in my early days like Danider, Kaveh, Valuk, Shiroe, Ktab and so many that the list will keep going on for many articles if i mention them all!

I finally got reunited in a way with old friends like BattleHero from Romania as well, which was unexpected after his disapearance from these games.

Lastly, i want to thank you all, enemies, friends and frenemies for the support, chalenge and strenght you have given me over the years to grow as a person and a player, with every victory and every deffeat like a blade i was being forged into something stronger and when times need more flexible that doesn't break.

P.S Remember its only a video game, we are here to at least try to have fun. Dont take banter and memeing too personally, its all in good heart always and if you have a problem, make sure to contact me in private and lets talk about it!


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happy birthday bro wish u all the best
@BLA thank you brother!
Here's to celebrating the victories, learning from the defeats, and always remembering the fun and friendship at the heart of every game. Cheers to another year of adventure, and may it bring even more laughter, strength, and meaningful connections. Keep the spirit of the game alive, and continue to reach out, connect, and resolve any challenges with the same grace you've shown thus far. Have a fantastic birthday filled with joy, and may this year be as epic as the battles you've conquered and the friendships you've cherished! 🎮🎂
@Xertalt be blessed my friend, thank you for your kind words!
HBD safer
@Barbod thanks my friend!!!
happy birth day!
Kaveh thanks!
Happy birthday Safer, have a goodun o7
@Piran thank you a lot brother, long time no see Laugh
Χρόνια σου πολλά κι ευτυχισμένα !!! Smile
@El_Tarlo na sai kala trele! euxaristo
HBD Wish you all the best From indo with love hehe
Happy birthday and glad you're meeting old friends again and I'm sure you'll make new friends in the game too Wink
Срећан Рођендан, пуно здравља, љубави и весеља нек те прати у животу!!!
Happy birthday!
HBD Kiss
wait you're not 23 anymore? stop aging wtf
Oh my God, I found my twin Laugh HBD🎉
@Nowe yeah XD @Sina, @Rochat, @Sakera, @Kosingas, @Dirtyman, @Musso thank you all so much for your wishes!!!
Happy Birthday 🎈
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday 🎂, fossil! 😁🥳🥳