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After speaking with the admin recently, we have some answers. I am going to show you the answers I received.

Admin's response to my article:

Based on these responses, I think we are moving in the right direction for the game. I think removing some items from the Lucky Wheel and nerfing items on there was a great move. 

So what is next?

Here is the outline I am going to go by for this situation:

1. I think it would be fair to give the admin a few weeks  (May 5th), do they can implement any new changes to benefit the game.
2. I will constructing a document to gather some ideas for the game and how it change change for the better. Please send me a message on here or on Discord with your ideas on how to improve the game.

Lastly, I want to thank the admin for taking the time to address my concerns and follow up with some great dialogue. After reading some of his answers, some of my viewpoints also changed. I'm very happy we are starting to see some change.




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I also think that things are moving in the right direction, slowly but yeah, big changes can't come in a few day
Big changes can come in a few days. It's pretty simple actually. They just can't or wont.
There is still a very long way to go, but credit where its due, this is a good start!
I hope they are good changes, at least 4 points for f2p and 5 points for p2w
Tnx Bris Tnx Admin
I will support your initiative and these efforts
Congratulations for the constructive dialogue. Smile
1. First attack battles cost 10 gold 2 attack 12 gold 3 attacks 14 gold, first 5 attscks +2 gold next +1 gold no have much traning war, aftet delete country restart 2. Rw cost 15 gold ,after lose Rw second 10 gold , 3.456 rws after cost 5 gold 3. After rw lose open next 24 hours not 48 hours 4 change 22 mission 25 to 28 level for 50 gold 5. Changes level for donate 28 level 6. TA and TR medal cost 5 gold
Going 2 click...until then! Seeing 👀 you on better games mates...sad story continues admin!
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