The Khaganate

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Published in Finland - First steps in eDominacy - 29 Mar 2024 08:56 - 5


what world is this? who made this? can we trUST THIS GOD?!
i'd apply to mod but i already plan to build their interest via drama so i can't.
that finland vs uzbek vs china was so good wasn't it?
r.i.p indonesia lmao don't try and play with someone that played that old ass game since 2009
we all wait at the last minute and destroy walls

got #offtopic.

first off i saw some people making fancy images
it's only been the first day? what're you doing?
proposing to a girl that's going to leave you in a few weeks? simps.
you can put positive energy out by maybe recruiting friends,
or i don't know not spending so much money to be a *ocksleeve
i don't know what this admin views as bad
i'm not gonna get banned here hehehehe
finland has to put their #### in $$$$$ so we have a mission to %$%###!

as you might notice i'm not finnish!

i'm like 30% scandanavian i recently found out tho which was kinda wild
and my hometown when they settled was named finlandia
so that's probably why i'm the way i am
he's not my boss, he's my adviser

we are looking for roleplayers, historians, and history makers
we are looking for warriors, politicians, and dynasty creators
game is 'huh' right now due to power imbalances but i'm sure it'll be fixed!
i want to know between all you paying for advantage, who's the strongest?
balance the world out, or are you a coward??
can we see a spartan war? that'd be so cool.

from finland to japan, we are going to reclaim our lands
we just need a few of you big boys to come over
we're a multicultural nation

i'm the king, after all.

(still might apply for mod.)


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ihan vitun hyvä artikkeli veli
s3 + v4 o7
i have never seen more desperate people for likes
the bulgarian khaganate must be replaced with the OG khaganate of the Blue Horde