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Greetings, players of eDominacy! There are a lot of questions regarding leaders of states and congress.

How the first CPs and Congressmen were appointed?

At the start of the game, to not disturb the normal election cycle, for the first CP of a country was appointed the first player gaining 10 referrals. 

Each next person, gathering 10 referrals, is appointed for a Congressman. 

For the countries, which didn't have a CP chosen in the first day, the Administration appointed the most experienced player.

Important notes:

  • If you are a Country President, be responsible with the quantity of laws you have left, especially if there are no congressmen. You can use the last one to do an impeach to someone else. 
  • Administration have added adittional laws to countries which lacked those, but this will not be a practice. You should manage your internal politics yourself, according to the situation.
First Normal Country President Elections

  • They are held on the 5th day of each month. In this case, the first elections will be on 5th of April. Candidates for CP should be chosen by parties until 4th of the month.
  • The leader of the party chooses the candidate from the list of party members and nominates him. 
  • The new president will be appointed on the 6th of the month.
First Normal Congress Elections

  • They are held on the 15th day of each month. In this case, the first elections will be on the 15th of April. Each party should nominate its candidates for congress on the 14th of the month.
  • Each member of the party who wants to become a congressman should click the button "Run for congress" between 6th and 13th of the month. On the 14th date of the month, the leader of the party will arrange the order of candidates.  
  • The new congress will start to work on the 16th of the month. 
How to join a party?

  • You should click on Community and then on Party.
  • If there is no party in the country yet, you can create the first one.
  • The creator becomes the first leader. 
  • On the 25th of each month, elections for party leader are held. If you want to become the leader of your party, you should click "Run for presidency" before that date. 
A few notes for the states

  • Donations to the Country Treasury are allowed from level 25 onwards. 
  • To put currency on the monetary market, you don't need to issue a donate law, you can issue a "Monetary Market Offer" law. The gold collected from selling the currency will go directly to the Country Treasury. 
  • There are fast laws in the game. Organize your congressmen, because if they vote fast enough, the law can be accepted or declined without waiting for the full 24 hours.
If you have questions about the game, you can ask them in the comment and I will answer them in the next article. 

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