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What is energy and how to recover it?

Players use energy for working, training, and fighting in battles. You can see how much energy you have in the left corner under your profile. Every player starts with 2500 Energy points and energy recovers over time.

When you hover over the energy you have a timer that informs you how much energy you can recover right now and after how much time you will reach the limit. You can have your max energy loaded and the same amount available to recover. So make sure you spend your energy from time to time, to be able to recover more during the day.


Energy can be refilled by Food, Hyper Bars, Life Kits, and Energy Bars.

Each energy bar restores 200 energy.

Life kits restore a percent of your total energy limit.

Hyper Bars allow you to recover one full energy limit, by eating food from your storage.

You can produce food, or buy it from the marketplace. You can receive Energy Bars through missions and events, or you can buy them from the Store. The same goes for Hyper Bars, but you can also produce them in a Strategic Building (more on that below).

By finishing Daily Order every day, you get 5 Energy bars and 100 RPG.

You can raise the maximum energy bar by buying or producing houses (they last 7 days each) or buying Field Hospitals from Stores (they are permanent). Field Hospitals from the store can be bought anytime, they give 500 Energy, 1000, and 1500 Energy.


Houses have quality from 1 to 5 and they can be produced or bought from the market. Productivity and what every house provides will be shown in the next table:


To activate a house you have to go to My Buildings>Improved Buildings. Then you click on the button “Building” in the upper-right corner (shaped as gear). Houses that you have in storage will be shown there, and they can be activated.


When you click Activate, then the house is activated and you can see how long it will last. Together with what bonus it gives you - energy, energy recovery time reduction.

You can use a house of each quality at the same time. The energy limit they provide accumulates. If you activate more than one hose of the same Quality, it will stack for 7 more days.


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