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Published in Turkey - First steps in eDominacy - 15 Apr 2024 15:57 - 0

I would like to buy something from the marketplace, how does that work?

On Market>Marketplace you can find products such as raw materials, food, weapons, houses, hospitals and defense systems. Raw materials have only one quality type, but all the other products are from quality 1-5. Choose which one you need, see if there are any offers for it, type in the amount you wish to buy, and then click on Buy. Make sure you have enough local currency in order to buy.

You can only buy products in the country of your location. If you wish to buy something from another country, you must move there first. Also, if you want to buy something from another country, you must use their local currency.

How does the monetary market function?

The monetary market is a place where you can exchange gold for local currency and vice versa. You can visit it through Market>Monetary market, and you see the offers posted in the country of your location. In the top left corner, you can choose between Gold>Currency and Currency>Gold exchange rates. You can view offers from other countries by picking a country in the top right corner, but you can buy (or post your own offer) only after you move to that country. When you find an offer that suits you, enter the amount of gold/currency you wish to buy, and click on “Buy”.

If you wish to post your own offer, click on “Add offer”. Then enter the amount of gold/currency you wish to sell, write the exchange rate you are selling it at, and click on “Save”. The same rule for location applies here, for example, if your location is in England and you wish to sell gold for USD or sell USD, you must first move to the USA in order to place an offer. You are limited to 3 offers total. You can view your offers by clicking on “My offers”, where you can also delete them. If you want to go back to all offers, click on “All offers”.


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