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Hello citizens of the world!

Today I'm tasked with, announcing the rental agreement, between Iran and Greece. 

Province of South West Iran, will be rented to Greece for x gold per month.

Province of Ajman will be rented to Greece, for x gold per month.

Greece will pay for all the costs of transferring and maintaining  mentioned regions, including, attacks and opening resistance wars and declaration of wars and mutual protection pacts, for the regions included in agreement

Duration of this agreement, is till  5th May 2024, and can be extended 5th of each months, after approval of newly elected CPs of two countries.this means, if the newly elected CP of Iran doesnt agree to extend the agreement, rented regions must be handed over to the rightful owner, Iran.

We expect any country in the world, to respect the will of two nations for a greater collaboration.


Country presidents of Iran and Greece


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