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📢 Attention, Players! 📢

Welcome to the latest update! We're excited to bring you some fantastic new features and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready to dive in and discover what's new!

League Wars: Battle for the Crown

Get ready to show your patriotism and combat skills in the upcoming global event, League Wars: Battle for the Crown! This thrilling competition will see countries from around the globe competing in intense battles, with the ultimate goal of winning the prestigious crown.
This time we have made some changes regarding your feedback.

How It Works:

  • Direct Elimination Format: Each country will face off in direct elimination battles.

  • Battle Schedule: Battles start at 11:00 game time , consisting of 10-minute rounds, until one of the sides wins 8 rounds. The next bracket starts the next day at the same time.

  • Duration: The tournament will start at Monday 22.04.2024, the final showdown for the crown will be at Sunday.

  • Progression: Winners advance in the bracket. Participation in the battles for your country counts towards True Patriot progress. In the League Wars battles, the Round Hero medal will be worth 2.5 Gold.

  • Rewards: Victorious countries and top players will receive gold mines and other valuable rewards at the end of the tournament.

Rewards for Winners:
Countries that showcase superior strategy and strength will earn a gold mine for their citizens, with the duration based on their final position based on inflicted damage in the tournament:

  • 1st place - 7 days of Gold Mine

  • 2nd place - 6 days of Gold Mine

  • 3rd place - 5 days of Gold Mine

  • 4th to 10th place - 3 days of Gold Mine

What is a Gold Mine? Each day, every citizen of the country will be able to receive a random gold reward from the Mine.

Lucky Wheel

From next week, 27.04 we are returning the Lucky Wheel which is reworked with a propiate system of spinning it. Rewards are slightly different than in the first one. Let us just refresh our memory on how it works

For the first 3 Jackpot Stars collected, you will win the Q4 Field Hospital for 10 days.
For the second 3 Jackpot Stars, you will win 5 Q5 Nukes.
For the third 3 Jackpot Stars, you will get 100 Employees.
NOTE: Stars are reset on day change.


From 26.04 to 28.04(last day) we are providing you a discount on Training grounds, Strategic Buildings, and Special Items. We hope that you will have enough assets in your accounts to achieve your goals.

Info Board

- We made changes regarding a number of laws for presidents and Congress, now the president has 30 votes, while the congress members have 10 votes.
- You are able to give your commander of Military Unit to another person of your choice.
- Notifications for gaining rewards through a "passive" rewarding system like passport stamps, hits in Weekly Challenge, are added to the game. When you receive a reward you get a notification about it.
- The top Soldier 2 stars section is unlocked, so from next week players who get more than 1000 Strength will be automatically transferred into the second section. BUT this is only on Monday, if you go above 1000 strength some other day, you will remain this week in the Top Soldier 1-star section.
- We have removed the determination bonus since it doesn't effect anything on the end for the whole Battle. In future we will find a way how to help smaller countries liberate itself.
- Slight changes regarding the congress election list. From now we made changes, those players who click candidate faster will be higher on the list. Order is made strictly by time applying to Congress
- From tomorrow, we have lowered the limit for Foreign tax from 3CC to 1CC, also this is only measurement for early game stage.


Q: Can I produce more than one HyperBar?
A: You are able to produce only one HyperBar. In the case that you have one or more Hyper Bars in your storage, you can not produce new ones in your Strategic Building, you will receive only Workers as a Reward

Q: Can I raise a Resistance War in a country that already has resistance but for other Agressor?
A: No, you can not. We are only looking at the country that is occupied, if there is one Resistance War, the Second can not be raised until this one is finished.

Q: Can I buy a pack for Organization?
A: Yes you can donate a pack for org, org mimics a real player profile, and if you buy Business Centre it will have double production

Q: Can I change the citizenship of the Organization?
A: Only the Commander can do it and it costs 50 Gold. For now, that option is kind of strange, when you click to change the name of the organization, the Organization automatically takes citizenship from the Commander.

Q: Can I Downgrade the company built during the promotion period at the start of the game or the Admins Company?
A: No, at this moment we can not unlock this. They will remain locked for some time.

Q: My avatar is not changed I do not receive anything as an error.
A: When you successfully change your avatar, you need to delete site data. Or you can delete them completely and refresh the page or you can forcibly do it. For Windows users press CTRL+F5, for MAC users press Command+Shift+R

Q: How can I use workers?
A: Workers can be used only upon working as a manager. That means if you work as a manager later you can not add workers and work only with them, they need to be assigned while you are working as a manager.

Q: Can I have Two accounts, without anything traded between them?
A: NO!

Q: Last Week I was Second in the Weekly Tournament, why my damage does not appear now?
A: Players who finished in first 3 places last week, are excluded of the tournament next week.

Q: Can I drop only one nuke?
A: Yes you can, the only thing to do is to switch to battle slow mode, in the lover left corner of the battlefield is a button to do it. Play and Pause images represent it.

Best regards,
eDominacy Team


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v first prinç pls Smile
I like the changes quite a lot. The only thing I dislike is that the tournament will be a whole week. Keep up the good work.
Discount for storage also or no?
I like the changes very much so far but the RH medals need a boost in gold urgently before it's too late. People have already started leaving. I know you inherited a mess from Uros but the clock is ticking, it needs to be fixed. Smile
Congress gets sorted by “who becomes candidate faster”. Does not make sense to me. Experience was better imo.
Great changes! Keep it going
To, care !
nice o7
Make the round hero medal 2.5 for all battles, not just in tournament please.
I like the changes very much so far but the RH medals need a boost in gold urgently before it's too late. People have already started leaving. I know you inherited a mess from Uros but the clock is ticking, it needs to be fixed. +++
admin you need to change medal system we cant get any medals
Deflection and Alex have the best comments Smile)))
Good job o7
Noice o/
Konosuba goddess Eris best girl
good job keep going
Nice updates but give impeached president also more laws 5 is just nonsense
My question would be why do we have some countries with huge advantage in number of regions over others. Why US has about same number of regions than Russia, China and Canada combined? Why France has more that Russia ?? Why do we have countries with 30 regions vs countries with 3-4?? Is there reason we cant get just bit less of difference in number of regions?
Q: Can I have Two accounts, without anything traded between them? A: NO! // Well, some people haven't been lectured on this yet.
+1 to TopS, each country should have the same or an approximate number of regions to make it fairer. Because countries like France or USA can just conquer regions with the few resources they are missing and then play farmville.
And about League wars and other events, well, i think it'd be better to just make my own game at this point lmao.
You guys should get a better designer for the banners asap, a more professional and fresh look would make wonders for the game
I like the changes very much so far but the RH medals need a boost in gold urgently before it's too late. People have already started leaving. I know you inherited a mess from Uros but the clock is ticking, it needs to be fixed. +++
Me gustan mucho los cambios hasta ahora, pero las medallas RH necesitan un impulso de oro urgentemente antes de que sea demasiado tarde. La gente ya ha empezado a salir. Sé que heredaste un desastre de los Uros pero el tiempo corre, hay que arreglarlo.
admin, party leader should be able to arrange the order of congress candidates
They should do something with the number of MPPs that a country has, currently almost all of them are in a single alliance