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Lately, I've noticed a surge in low-quality articles in eDominacy, which can detract from the overall experience of the game. To help improve the standard of content and enrich our community’s interaction, I've put together this guide on how to write articles that not only catch the eye but also engage and retain readers.

Choose a Catchy Title

A good title is like a good book cover; it should make people want to read your article. Keep your title short but interesting. You can use up to 80 words, but shorter is often better!

Understand Your Readers

Think about who is reading your articles. What do they like? What do they need to know? Write articles that are interesting and useful to them, whether they're beginners or experts in the game.

Hook Readers Right Away

Start your article with something that grabs attention. This could be a surprising fact, a question, or a bold statement. A strong start makes people want to keep reading.

Organize Your Article Well

Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make your article easy to read. Breaking your text into smaller parts helps readers understand and remember your points better.

Use Pictures and Formatting

Adding images or videos can make your article more engaging and easier to understand. You can also use the formatting tools in the article editor to highlight important parts of your text.

Keep It Simple and Clear

Write in simple language and keep your sentences short. Avoid using complicated words or too much technical jargon unless your readers are familiar with it.

Share Your Experiences

Personal stories can make your article more interesting and relatable. If you’ve had a unique experience in the game, share it! It might give your readers valuable insights or a good reason to follow you.

End with an Invitation

Encourage your readers to interact with your article. Ask them a question, invite them to comment, or encourage them to vote or subscribe if they liked the article. This interaction can help build a community around your newspaper.

Edit Before You Publish

Always check your article for mistakes in spelling and grammar. Make sure it reads smoothly and that your points are clear.

Follow the Rules

Remember that all articles must follow the game's rules. Avoid writing spam or breaking other rules, as this can lead to your article being deleted by the admins.

Update and Engage

Keep your articles up-to-date and respond to comments from readers. Engaging with your audience can make them more likely to support your newspaper and subscribe for more updates.

Choose the Right Category and Country

Before publishing, make sure you select the appropriate country and category for your article. This helps ensure it reaches the right audience.

Writing articles in eDominacy isn't just about sharing information; it's about engaging with a community. By following these tips, you can write articles that not only inform but also entertain and connect with your readers, helping you gain more visibility and influence in the game.



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