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Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Social interactions and entertainment - 19 Apr 2024 16:28 - 10

Hello , I want present you my progress about API Report since last time (day 16,04).

I add four extra pages and did some redesign in part of look and feel.

1. Market 

2. MM

3. Events

4.  Country

5. Battles
6. Activity
7. Maps
8. DMG Power by player
*If someone are interested into acquire/buy permanentes access to this report tools, you can write me in PM or in Discord. Price will be 200 g (or If you have some other offer for you can write me to, I am glad to hear it).



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buba4ko Доклад buba4ko преди 33 минути Цитат на деня "Боже - даже Сингапур има епик..." 😁 😁 😁 3 Коментар · 4 😆 Haha original Ancho original Ancho това е щото аз съм му дипломат там, ам 😉 Like
very good o7
06 May 2024 21:50 :tada: elhichko 06 May 2024 00:10:beers: [report e]Achievement 'Theater rookie' gained.[/report] :flag_bg: Article 5! subs needed, leave in comment, random will get 3 gold!:partying_face:
I just know I have to implement it on Discord.
100 gold
Thank you its perfect o7
Good o7