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Guilty ???

Published in Iran - Warfare analysis - 19 Apr 2024 23:25 - 13

Good morning eDominacy world,
I am sorry Admin and players but ....
Today i something terrible happened in my family ....
This happened while fighting for my country , and i don't know if it is considered as a "e-kid abuse"
Because ....
As you see , i am fighting against my e-kid .... I am sorry Ferifak but there is an agreement
between our countries



With this article , i just wanted to let my e-kids know their e-brothers and also inform the community
about that agreement once again. 

Join the DarkSide....
El Tarlo


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The agreement is about your win in the war and the capture of the area that is in progress. Here we do not see a case against the clauses of the agreement. Do you expect us not to take damage at all and RH and BH on our side will be destroyed?? If it is not against the agreement, I will go have breakfast xD
It is an interesting way to publish a referral link with multiplayer in other games. Of course you don't have a multi my friend
Sir barbod , of course you can do anything you want , i just found a little bit funny the fact that i was fighting with my e-kid and i wanted to connect that.
This article is full of great intelligence with a bit of divisiveness
@El_Tarlo o7
Tell your e-kid to bring some money home ,I see you don't collect anything
There are many articles in this game about different topics. When i woke up and came in game and i clicked fight i saw that in the battlefield and i thought that i had to take a screenshot of that. I was thinking about making an article the last 3 days but didn't had a subject and i thought that i will be a good idea. Then i was trying to find ways to connect somehow all those and also find a nice song for that .... Of course , some people might not like it at all , some others might vote it and some others might subscribe ...
good song
Article (1) elhichko Hi cat elhichko 20.04 13:16 I see Jango, aka the investor...!
S21 V28
You are a kid abuser xD