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Hello to everyone that plays eDominacy!

I want to address this article to you and the administration of the game. I have a proposal to make that is really important for every player in the game. It's about fixing the gold income problem.

Right now, the game's economy is only partially active, primarily sustained by a handful of major players and small event-driven purchases. This situation highlights a critical issue: the gold income avenues are too limited. Players cannot earn gold through battle damages as the scaling of medals quickly outpaces rewards. The Round Hero medals, while a step in the right direction, offer minimal financial relief and hardly cover governmental expenses, let alone provide profit for players.

My proposal is to increase the gold reward for winning a Round Hero medal to 2.5 gold. This adjustment is not only a safe, controllable method for the administration to manage gold distribution but also exclusively benefits the most dedicated players who invest their time meaningfully into eDominacy. Historical data from previous League Wars where this adjustment was tested suggests that such a change does not disrupt the game balance but instead revitalizes player engagement and economic activity.

My proposal is to raise the reward for winning a Round Hero medal to 2.5 gold.

Why is that?

Weeks into the game, the economy is not able to start working properly. On one side players that don’t invest in the game still can’t raise their Training Grounds, let alone invest into production. If you don’t have enough production, you cannot make the market move. 

And even now, without much production, it doesn’t work well. Because only a handful of people have the necessary gold to make purchases from it. The average player can’t purchase much more than some food, even after weeks of playing. And even I who buy gold into the game don't have much choice. Either there will be not much of the thing I want to buy or it will be at extremely expensive and unrealistic prices. This is already the status quo. And without change to gold income, it won’t be solved - either by average players, nor by gold buyers. It will only get worse. 

Just think about the fact that a single player needs 1-2k weapons just for his FF purposes per day. What about hyperbars? What about the temporary energy? What about if you have Field Hospitals? Right now it’s not possible to organize a single proper OH once a day, let alone multiple ones or to organize a tanking in a battle. And the war module is the most fun part of the game. This is what we all enjoy and what moves the rest of the game. Look at the numbers of battles already. They are getting less and less. RWs are started sporadically, because they are expensive compared to the income of the average player. And even if you are occupied and you manage to start a RW, there is not much weapons to fight with anyway. I can go on a lot more, but my point is clear.

Why to solve the problem exactly by doing that?

This is a safe way for the administration to regulate the gold income, with the least risk. You can calculate in advance the additional gold income to the game with almost perfect accuracy. Overflow of gold is not a problem specifically for this change. 

It is something that will benefit only active players that invest time in the game and enjoy it. It's something that cannot be abused by multi accounts. Or other illegal practices. 

If you track the first edition of the League Wars and track the upcoming one, where the RH is worth 2.5G, you already have data about it. It will not lead to a catastrophe. It's a healthy way to address the most critical problem pointed out by the players and already proven by all data in the game. You can notice it in the logs of the game.

I would like to ask everyone that reads this article to provide feedback about the proposal. I think this is the most important cause right now for the game to get back on track and start rolling forwards.

Thank you for the time you spent reading this and for any comment you write down below. I hope that us players and administration together can reach an understanding about this issue. It will benefit everyone without exception. 

Best regards,


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Коментари (2) (1) elhichko 20 Apr 2024 00:38 ГРЕШКА: Image as data is not allowed, use image as link.
+1 RH gold should be increased to at least 2g per medal. Ideally it should be 2.5g.
V +1
I support this ideaand I think it's the most important change as well
+1 v
This is a great idea and players winning getting more gold in round victories helps retain players, makes it possible for economic stability in the game for that player, and helps players less likely stock up on gold and would be used to fund purchases that would trickle gold back to the admin. This is something that is desperately needed. I’m all for it. Let me know how I can help too and I’m here for it.
the way to fix the gold issue needs to be accessible to everyone, RH gold is nice for sure, but players that already are ahead will be even more ahead because its easier for them to farm this medals, they do more damage and have more resources to fight with, its easier to gradualy lower the costs of TGs to make them easier to obtain, this helps f2p players lagging behind and possible new players
To get RH medal, you need damage, for damage you need resources, for resources you need gold. It is imperative to increase TA and TW medals to 5 gold, as it was in every similar game. It is pointless talking about the details about the game until the main condition isn't discussed. Nevertheless, I am thankful of you for talking about the things you have discussed and for all the efforts you are trying to gain for the good of the game and the players. Best.
+1 to Marcial. Only way to fix this is starting the game all over again.
+1 same to TA and TR medals, because who is later started to play, can't move on.
lol not only round hero medal admin need to change ally and revolution medals to 5g and need to change rate of medals we cant get any fucing medals for yet Smile
Reduce the amount of damage required to receive medals, let the round hero be 2.5g. Add naval legend for naval battles. Let conditions improve for F2P players, of which I am not one.
For me RH medal reward upgrade to 2.5 isn't a solution because the tanks will be focused to get that gold and the diff between f2p and visa players will increase more. Better make TA, TR 5 gold.
The str/int gap already too big. F2p can't compete with players who bought gold at the start of the server to max their TG. Most round hero medal will belong to players with maxed TG. The game started it all wrong.
That's right and should happen. Though will create the issue of the tanks ,hunting everything. Maybe you introduce fuel like another similar game has ,so all people have standard amount they can farm and everyone has his opportunity to farm nicely ?
I support the idea
I hope the admins listen to this and actually do the change asap!
+1 and to solve the problem with the big gap between the players, like Patalos said. It would be great to be limited war pass/fuels for a week so strong visa players will not be greedy and stealing medals from f2p.
I thought about it and NO. Admins should NOT encourage FARMING. They should encourage REAL Battles and REAL Fights and rewards those kind of fighting with more Gold. NO from me to more Gold for “Farming”. Training Wars and Farming was never the objective of such games and will result in the death of the game long term.
If they rewards RH with more Gold, what will happen is people will start to have TWs all over the place. Soon enough TWs will dominate the game and nobody will want to do real fights. Neutrals will get more rewards than those nations who fight real fights. So BIG NO NO NO NO FROM ME! We experienced that in other games.
@Shayan, you wrote so much but actually told nothing , just a bunch of bullshits. How do you expect the game to thrive when people have close to 0 golds. There should be some sort of gold farming if you want the people to be engaged and able to actually buy stuff from markets or directly from people. Not to mention that TGs cost an arm and leg. There is basically 0% chance that what you said will be profitable for f2p players. I don’t know if anyone is telling you to write such bullshits but yeah what you said makes 0 sense.
that training positions are not a privilege but a right of easy access
Increase reward on RH to 2.5g not solving anything, visa player is the only one who get the benefit because the gap str&lvl is already too high. It will make visa player more rich and f2p player going nowhere.
The possibility of increasing warehouse capacity would also be useful, currently it is very expensive to expand the warehouse, the capacity of 9,000 is very small. 1RH Gold medallion is not worth fighting for.