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HzSa 87 - Newspaper from Spain -

Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Social interactions and entertainment - 20 Apr 2024 04:51 - 11

Hello everyone, I want present to you our community with our RL photos:

As first me HzSa 87 Prime Minister as leader of separatist forces

2. Our CP Red Eagle known as sultan El Bake with his komšnice

3. Our Minister of Defence T28K , defender of minority

4. Our MoFA Prdonja, leader of Bosniaks

5. Our governor, Rinum , leader of Communism and Socialism

6. Our Minister of Education , Kapetan Clank , our Deutchland big boss

7.  Senid Bosna aka media tycoon and he lost in every election that he participated

8. dehamuH , our boss of special units of MU , he needs to use helicopter when he want to move other regions.

9.  Kenchi , our representative of civic rights and of illegitimate politicians

10. Sad rainy day, our opposition fighter


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Mile Fan Club >>>>>>
Haha kako si sve pogodio? xD
ne da mi igrica da endorsam, a bila bi ljubičasta, majkemi
Good genre of content
о7 funny article
Deutschland Uber alles
Where is armin?
Joj isti sam ti konjakovic