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Published in Greece - Warfare analysis - 21 Apr 2024 10:00 - 21

Hello to edom community, happy to see old friends here and more also that joined and contacted me aswell, usually i just play the game and  never used my newspaper but lets give it a shot, I would like to express my recommendation  as one more idea to suggest and think about it admin team ,the idea was introduced at the first game that was created about those concept of games and played by me like many of you i suppose, to be honest  i didnt like it when was launched but i saw the benefits after the first few months and also changed the strategy of the game. I dont know how easy or hard is to setup this idea in to action  because you need to rebuild the war module not all but big part of it. My recommendation : You could add Divisions 1,2,3,4.
1) For example 0 to 500str 500 to 1k , 1k to 1.500 , 1.500 to 2k str. And as the game is moving forward you increase the standar limits that you set.

2) you could do it by experience levels.
So every divisions have their own round medal (solving gold problem economy will be much better and lower divisions will purchace weaps aswell or big buyer will invest by sending on new players weaps to secure lower division wins, imo there will be more fun for new and old players that they can help their country to win a battle or the whole campaign . Every soldier will count. Instead of just doing 10k dmg in a battle of 100million and feeling useless.

3) The users will be more active that way and more new players will join plus will be easier to recommend the game because they can start help from the early stages, and since the older will get to higher divisions always will be interesting instead of joining a new player after 2 months the game his normal reaction is that he will just logout the next day.

4) Divisions part can be with points like the module that i played.
1tank division 5points per round
2semi tank division 3points
3soldier division 2points
4 newbie division 1point

Conclusion: you need to gather 55points to win the campaign for example. Depends how many rounds you want to extend it(admins)

This is my proposal on the part of war module and keeping more ppl active during the day to spend ff and time.
Waiting for your ideas on the comments or something you could add on this one. Thanks for  reading! 


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Totally agree. V + S + C
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You need way more people playing for that kind of a module
Deflection im just placing an idea, they could take something from that to create something to their standars with the profit they would prefer to make aswell. In one part i agree on that but probably you can attract more ppl to rejoin or join in the first place if you help the gameplay.
Me gusta la idea, ojalá se haga algo parecido
Good idea
Totally against divisions
Dear, prepare a support ticket with the topic Proposal so that it can be read by them. I doubt they will read it in a newspaper hehehe.
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