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Published in Hungary - First steps in eDominacy - 22 Apr 2024 04:09 - 0

Hello to all dear Readers!

I am Arnfox, the founder of The Axis Gate newspaper.

The newspaper primarily focuses on the topic of what is necessary for society to function well at its core. 
To achieve this, we explore the steps needed for that and how far we are from achieving them.

A few fundamental questions:

  • Does early social systems, such as Athenian democracy or communism, have relevance in today’s world?

  • What impact does religion have on the modern world? What effect does social media have on society?

Our newspaper aims to examine these questions from various aspects and work with well-founded sources. Its uniqueness lies in discussing a well-constructed social and socio-cultural background in our world, based on consultations with modern-minded individuals and advisors. We will cover topics related to politics, economics, healthcare, education, and religion.

I hope that the multitude of topics mentioned above has captured the attention of our readers, and that our future articles will be well-received.
Thank you!


Turul Harcos

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