The Prancing Iron

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Dear citizens,

as this new world comes into shape, we came into existence. 

While the North still blows chills on our necks, the nation of Sweden was formed. Today, we are not here as mere individuals, but as a collective with a common cause. Our society is being built on the foundation of Democracy, Brotherhood and Peace. 

Rest assured, we see the status of this world. From the steppes of Siberia, the beaches of California, to the rainforests of Africa, war shapes everything. But, don't be fooled, the Swedes know the fire of turmoil and are bound to keep the Sovereignity of the Swedish nation above any value or exchange. 

Being between Parabellum and Eden is not an easy task. And I say between, not against. I am sure there are nations on both sides that feel friendly towards us. We too, feel friendly to any nation shares a common view of the future. And, as we look into this future, there is only one option. Unity to overcome any hardship, and any challenge. Don't be fooled, but Sweden will not spend a single ounce of strength against Progress and Prosperity. We know well that hardships  are on the way and we are here to ensure, the Swedish way of life will be present for the years to come. 

This letter is not a declaration of war or a threat to our neighbors. Besides, I only express my thoughts as a free citizen. We are not a war-mongering mob looking to destroy, we want to see this world progressing. Citizens around the world now know. For every dictator, every warlord, every trickster, every gangster, there always is, and there always will be Sweden. This is an invitation to any free-thinking person. 

Existens och framsteg kommer aldrig utan smärta.

Citizen and current Congress Member of the Swedish Assembly,


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