Alex95 Forever

Published in Bulgaria - Warfare analysis - 25 Apr 2024 04:32 - 20

Stole all the country gold and left, it was organized crime by him and danider...
Admin pls help get our country back its unfair

Seconds later he joined Peru to make love with Jango and Celio threesome



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The gold is mine and you cant prove otherwise
LoL 🤣🤣🤣
lol XD
Clear theft.. admin should intervene here
Las fechas no coinciden
embezzlement of the century Crying
Вън чорбарите от властта ! Levski i tesni pichki
This is funny if it's not real, funnier if it's real.
ПИТАМ сега кой ще и даде пари
That's the price we pay to get this commie out of our great democratic nation! 🇧🇬🌍 Само Левски и тесни пичоци от тук нататък
And why all of your congressman say yes to thats law?
Alex95 has them in his pocket full of multies
and there are 8 congressmen that assist the embezzlement :p
I Will leave this game because this is not fair i dont have balls i go two click after i Will go to erev2 when the date Will be 6may
9333 gold ? alex is big bilioner thief Smile
Червен терор !