The Prancing Iron

Published in Sweden - Social interactions and entertainment - 25 Apr 2024 15:38 - 6

As my greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather used to say, you are a Viking only if you raid and pillage. Any other way you are just a Norseman. And he was a smart man. He chose not to pillage and raid monasteries in England, instead he was a bouncer for the Constantinople Emperor. A Varangian as they were known, but they weren't popular enought to get some TV rights. 
So instead of having distant cousins in the London Metro or watching belly dancers in the Bosphorus, I ended up a simple Swedish man, living in a simple Swedish town, making Swedish things. Sitting on my POÄNG chair, drinking warm spiked wine from my POKAL glass, listening to ABBA and hoping that some day, people will realise that at least Sweden is the least Germanic nation to fear. 
So, what's my deal? I am really curious about this world, I want to know everything, I want to know everyone, be part of the events and why not? change it.
Anyways, it's this or a plain hello, to all the citizens of the world. I want to get to know you, I want to make friends, feel the vibe. So feel free to comment. 
Plus, I will be giving away 6 Gold to a lucky winner. Subscribe to my newspaper, comment on this article and I will choose one winner on May 1st, announce it on a new article. oh, and if there are more than 50 subscribers, I will give away 15 Gold.

Until then, Vi Ses!

Just a guy,



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S3 You sound like a viking at least!
good luck Pony
Gl sent meee
Just two days to go
The giveaway is over, winner is Gustavus!