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Published in United Kingdom - Social interactions and entertainment - 30 Mar 2024 06:47 - 19

Greetings, eDominacy players!

We're excited to introduce two new events and share some updates.

Firstly, War Stash packs are now limited to one purchase per day. The limit resets on day change. We'll continue monitoring and adjusting game balance. Please be patient while we analyze and prepare the new adjustments.

To help you along, we're distributing food and will do so again if necessary. However, food production is player-driven, and we avoid creating an artificial surplus of food, making decisions based on gameplay data.

Same goes for the quantity of Laws Country Presidents have. We have added additional laws to country presidents which lacked those, but from this point on you should manage them responsibly. More tips and information about the forthcoming elections: Click Here

Easter Bunny Event

Daily, until the event concludes, you'll receive two Easter bunnies exchangeable for various random rewards like food, experience, employees, gold, and currency.

You can get additional bunnies by fighting:

If you hit with 500 Health, you will have 2% chance per hit to receive an additional bunny.
If you hit with 1000 Health, you will have 4% chance per hit to receive an additional bunny.
If you hit with any other number of energy, you have 0% chance to receive an additional bunny.

Game Store purchases also grant bonus bunnies, the amount of which is specified upfront.

Lucky Wheel Event

Spin the wheel once daily for free. Additional spins cost currency and the cost gets higher each time.

The wheel can award you with Employees, Currency, Energy Bars, Experience and many more, along with Jackpot Stars.

Besides the other awards, you can win Jackpot Stars.

For the first 3 Jackpot Stars collected, you will win the Q4 Field Hospital for 10 days.
For the second 3 Jackpot Stars you will win 5 Q5 Nukes.
For the third 3 Jackpot Stars you will get 100 Employees.

Stars are reseted on day change.

If you have any questions regarding the game, feel free to ask them in the comments.

Thank you for your support,
The eDominacy team


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Thank you eDom team!
Thanks for the update Smile
U making this type of games 10 years and still there is unbalanced start...
Nice and clear, im enjoying this staff
o7 sub4sub
Good job
There is wrong staff, like if i buy gold i can have full tg from.the first day. You need to give all players sometime to catch up with those that they will spend money anyway , im talking from the donate side, i would like to keep players and not force them to the exit from so early.
Thanks for the update
*Daily, until the event concludes* so let's guess, I don't see any date of the beginning or end of the events. I understand you assumed that we were already informed in the other 2 games...