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Hi all,

in last article on this subject we reviewed the top 20 countries and saw "active citizens" rank does not say a lot about your country economic power.

but I knew this isn't saying all. so I reviewed top 40 today. guess what? found some pearls Smile

First. our beloved "active citizens" rank:

Bulgaria first as usual with 437, Indonesia 2nd with 245. 3rd-8th has 156-101. 8th-20th are between 50-100 and 21th-40th has under 50

Now let's go to daily taxes. we calculated average of taxes in last 6 days, not including today.

again, Bulgaria is in the lead with 6.5k daily cc taxes, bigger than both 2th+3rd place, Peru with 3216 and Serbia with 3006.

4th-6th that still has over 1k daily are Romania with 1393 daily cc, Greece with 1108 and Indonesia with 1064.

7th-14th are countries with less than 700 daily but over 200.
Ireland, Iran and Germany are leading in the 600 area while in next places we have Sweden leading with 569, Spain with 417, USA with 304 and Bosnia and Herzegovina closing with 201.

only 3 more countries has over 100 daily cc. Slovenia with 180, Hungary with 169 and France with 166.5.

So what are the biggest changes visible?

top notable going down:
Georgia (Active 12/ tax 22) - 10 places difference
Croatia (Active 15/ tax 25) - 10 places difference
Slovenia (Active 7/ tax 15) - 8 places difference
Iran (Active 3/ tax 8) - 5 places difference
Indonesia (Active 2/Tax 6) - 4 places difference

Top notable going up:
Ireland (Active 28/ tax 7) - 21 places difference
Germany (Active 24/ tax 9) - 15 places difference
Greece (Active 16/ tax 5) - 11 places difference
Sweden(Active 17/ tax 10) - 7 places difference
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Active 21/ tax 14) - 7 places difference

Here in taxes we can see some low population countries are managing their economy very well. size still matters but Indonesia which is 2nd place and 60% more than next isn't doing as it should.

Of course local bonus matters and probably why Bulgaria is having so much taxes as people from whole the globe are coming to produce there instead of their countries.

if someone wishes to check taxes VS bonuses I'd be happy to cooperate.

So again we're going to Taxes Per Citizen(TAC).
Here we can see where those small countries shine.

Ireland is leading with 22.43 TAC, Serbia closely behind with 21.47 TAC. closing top 3 and last with TAC over 20 is Peru with a TAC of 20.62.
4th-6th are the countries that have 14-16 TAC with Greece leading with 16.29 while Bulgaria and Germany are together with 14.86-87

so in TAC top 10 we have 5, almost half, countries under 100 "active citizens"
this gives us a totally different look on global world.

top notable going down:
Georgia (Active 12/ tax 22/ TAC 26) - 14 places difference
Croatia (Active 15/ tax 25/ TAC 27) - 12 places difference
Indonesia (Active 2/tax 6/ TAC 10) - 8 places difference
Iran (Active 4/tax 8/TAC 11) - 7 places difference
Spain (Active 8/tax 11/TAC 13) - 5 places difference

Top notable going up:
Ireland (Active 28/ tax 7/ TAC 1) - 21 places difference
Germany (Active 24/ tax 9/ TAC 6) - 19 places difference
Sweden (Active 17/ tax 10/ TAC 8) - 19 places difference
Greece (Active 16/ tax 5/ TAC 4) - 12 places difference
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Active 21/ tax 14/ TAC 10) - 11 places difference

To conclude, we see size do matter in absolute numbers but at the end the ability to affect is low if you don't have enough taxes.

We should look at the small countries in top 10 TAC, learn and develop economy in a lot more countries, giving the game a more balanced aspect.

I'd start with those top 5 small ones in TAC Smile

Author is Governor of Ireland and manages it's economy, state production and Ireland's National Bank.

Hope you enjoyed reading "economic Pulse",
Best place to update on current economical trends.



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