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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Duck's News!

Today, we delve into Bulgaria's current trajectory. As Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, I am pleased to report that our economic and military endeavors are currently showing promising results.

In the contemporary landscape of Bulgarian governance, Alex95 stands as the incumbent President, leading the nation with a vision for progress and prosperity. Assisting President Alex95 in his duties is Vice-President Danider, whose steadfast support ensures continuity and efficiency in the country’s operations.

At the helm of the executive branch stands Prime Minister Harreki, spearheading strategic initiatives and policies aimed at enhancing Bulgaria's socio-economic landscape. Working in tandem with the Prime Minister is Black DraGoN, the esteemed Minister of Defense, renowned for orchestrating tactical operations against adversaries, particularly under the veil of nightfall.

Driving Bulgaria's diplomatic engagements on the global stage is Deflection, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who adeptly navigates international relations to fortify alliances and foster productive dialogue with both allies and neutral parties.

Governance at the regional level is entrusted to kris124, the dedicated Governor tasked with overseeing the welfare and governance of Bulgaria's populace, ensuring effective service delivery and community engagement.

In the realm of education, Boikov, former Minister of Education, played a pivotal role in nurturing the intellectual capital of Bulgaria, guiding aspiring individuals to attain proficiency within the nation's ranks. Regrettably, real-life commitments necessitated his departure from governmental duties.

Acknowledging the invaluable contributions of POMAH and Torpin, esteemed additions to the governmental cabinet, underscores Bulgaria's commitment to talent acquisition and utilization. These individuals have demonstrated exemplary leadership in organizing strategic offensives and monitoring economic landscapes, safeguarding the interests of Bulgarian citizens.

As Bulgaria embraces an ethos of inclusivity and growth, individuals from all walks of life are cordially invited to join our vibrant community. Those interested in contributing to our nation's rich tapestry are encouraged to explore the comprehensive Immigration in Bulgaria section appended to this article. Prospective citizens are invited to initiate a dialogue with governmental representatives to explore opportunities for collaboration and engagement.

In essence, Bulgaria's leadership remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering an environment conducive to progress, innovation, and collective prosperity, embodying the nation's enduring spirit of resilience and aspiration.


Initially, a significant cohort opted to become Danider's referrals, thereby facilitating Bulgaria's presidential election. With a remarkable 22 referrals, Danider ascended to the presidency within mere hours. However, his tenure was short-lived, marred by the inability to start any law, leading to his impeachment. Consequently, Alex95 assumed the presidency.

Subsequently, it was revealed that the highest damage in battles yielded only one gold, prompting a strategic decision to forgo Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) to optimize Bulgarian players' gold accumulation. A dedicated discord group was created to coordinate gold farming rotations, resulting in participants garnering between 50 to 100 gold in medals within a single week.

Of noteworthy importance is President Alex95's declaration recognizing Bulgaria's formidable stature within the game and pledging to abstain from annihilating smaller nations with active player bases. This commitment underscores Bulgaria's dedication to fostering a conducive environment for all small nations' growth. The article can be found HERE.

Bulgaria's triumph in the inaugural tournament, which spanned from 9 pm to 5 am Bulgarian time, highlights our nation's prowess in competitive play. The intense Bulgaria vs. Albania showdown, characterized by five-minute rounds emphasizing teamwork and activity, epitomized the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Five out of top ten players in the final leaderboard are Bulgarians! We celebrated our victory by going to bed!

Conversely, Bulgaria opted out of the tournament which happened this week, citing waning enthusiasm. Despite this, we redirected our focus to supporting allies, notably in resisting Peru's invasion, particularly against Greece. The successful defense efforts in Bolivia, spearheaded by Torpin's strategic initiatives and bolstered by coordinated Organized Hits, showcased Bulgaria's resilience and unity. The battle was one of the most exciting ones that we have seen in this game and I do hope we see many more exciting battles.

Ongoing military initiatives have fortified Bulgarian citizens' readiness to heed directives and engage when necessary, with several successful Organized Hits orchestrated by adept leaders.


I am pleased to announce that Vibrius Units, under the adept leadership of Alex95 and captains Harreki, batto6o, and Deflection, consistently ranks among the top military units globally, reflecting Bulgaria's commitment to excellence in military endeavors.

Furthermore, the revival of Black Ops and the emergence of Brigade as formidable Bulgarian military units underscore our nation's expanding influence and prowess in the global arena. Led by LiveD666, Black Ops, an amalgamation of international and Bulgarian forces, and Brigade, led by kris124, stand as stalwarts of Bulgarian military prowess, poised to instill fear in adversaries.


Bulgaria's robust economy continues to thrive, bolstered by players' unwavering commitment to establishing and operating companies within Bulgaria. The government's provision of loans, totaling around 15k gold, aimed at incentivizing company establishment and training grounds, exemplifies Bulgaria's commitment to fostering economic growth and player empowerment.

While details of the supply system remain confidential for security reasons, Bulgaria's thriving marketplace, buoyed by a steady influx of goods and currency exchanges, attests to the nation's economic vitality.


Bulgaria welcomed 27 foreign nationals, extending passports and fostering inclusivity through dedicated English-language channels. Prospective immigrants are offered a plethora of benefits, including membership in top-ranking Bulgarian military units, a vibrant English-speaking community, and full bonuses on essential amenities, all at a minimal work tax rate conducive to unhindered production.

Unity makes strength

Faithfully yours,

The article has been edited on Day 31, 19:05

My wife has recently joined the game. We just got married so I would like to introduce my wife - Potoo

Not only is she the Prime Minister's wife, but she's also a soldier expected to grow into a formidable warrior dedicated to safeguarding Bulgaria. Let's wish her the best of luck!


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Nataly, como se menciona en el artículo, debes escribirme un mensaje y discutir tus intenciones antes de que te permitan ingresar al país. Todavía necesitamos controlar la inmigración. Bulgaria y Argentina tienen un acuerdo que puedes leer aquí -
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"Bulgarians are the people who had everything they wanted; a people in which titles were acquired by those who bought their nobility with the blood of the enemy, in which the battlefield glorifies the family, because among them it is considered without hesitation that he is more noble whose weapon has been more bloodied in battle." (Magnus Felix Enodius, 5th century)
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Invasion of Peru? What kind of liars you are. You are the ones that started this conflict. By the way, Greece was the one that wiped North Macedonia. Helping them is invasion. (They got NAP anyways).
Very well written article Smile
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I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your article! It's so true that it's the system that always wins, not the individuals. A system ensures continuity, which is really important. It's great that it's not affected if player A or player B leaves the game or changes nations. If one person is missing at that moment, it's not felt. I think growth is like a snowball. The more it rolls, the bigger it gets, the faster it gets. By the way, welcome to Potoo!
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