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Important Information

In light of the recent economic and social struggles we have all been facing in eDominacy, I have decided that I need a man to protect and take care of me. 

Qualifications includeemotional & financial stability, shared interests & values, a sense of humor, and a  compatibility in lifestyle.

In order to facilitate a seamless marriage process, please fill in the following application in the comments below.

Application Criteria for Prospective Husband

Personal Information:

  • Name:

  • Date of account registration: 

  • Occupation:

  • Strength and Intelligence:

  • Military and Navy Rank:

  • TG Levels:

Please provide the contact information of two references who can vouch for your character.

By submitting this application, you acknowledge that all information provided is accurate and truthful to the best of your knowledge.

Signature and Date:



Comments (24)

You forgot to ask credit card numbers from both sides
Thats what happens in private Wink
I am a Muslim and I already have 2 wives. You could be my third wife. What dowry did you say you had? Laugh
At least 5G in wealth
sub4sub s35v13
Navibulgar, companies:570
Do you talk dirty?
how fat you are?
Very skinny
Nice article ! v+s !
I joked with you, did you write an article? Laugh I'm rich in the real world but I don't spend on games Laugh
Its okay. I dont want you
Take me! Otherwise, I'll take you later Smile
Name: Hero Date of account registration: Mar 28, 2024 Occupation: Vampire Strength and Intelligence:1,248.00 and 1,035.50, respectfully Military and Navy Rank: Supreme Commander and Rear Admiral Lower Half, respectfully TG Levels: Maxxxxxxxxxed
So far Hero is my best option
I'm my own wife and my own husband so thank you. I'll give you a vote and sub though.
@Brisleain= Leprechaun 🍀
Hmm maybe you forgot to ask PayPall number in your application form 😂
Kiss Kiss Kiss Cheeky
Wink Wink