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Hi guys, im glad that all of u came to this game,
after some failures, erev and erev2, seems like the admin learned alot,
why did i say that?
This admin, is willing to listen in a good way,
took and still is taking actions to correct or improve the game,
the game has some locks to not get bored or too powerful from the start,
so all we have high hopes, some are tired of the same ideology problems,
that leads in same conflicts or battles, so started new plans, alliances,
but of course there are players that enjoy to repeat the same plays.

i encourage u to join the game discord, there u can share ur opinions,
advices or know the updates.

we are still in the game for the community, so lets enjoy it

btw now im french, i hope to have a good relationship with

always urs ... PO



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