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Trading Center

General information

Business center is the place where players can buy and sell products.

There is four type of markets:

  • Trading center /which is acting as items market/
  • Monetary market
  • Company market

Some markets need market license in order player to be able sell his values at them. Each market license costs 20 gold for the respective country and give access to entire country market systems (except company market) for all type of activities without need of re-location.

Trading center

The trading center is the place where people buy and sell all type of items - raw materials,

In the trading center menu you can re-locate the desired market system by the button in upper right corner of the page. Without to have a market license for the specific market player need to be located in the respective country territory to be able access the items and purchase them.

By clicking on desired items type, player may choose option of the Quality which he search. By clicking to the no-stars type, he see all qualities listed by price.

Items are in order of it's price. The cheapest stocks are showed first. This is valid for all type of items.

Player is capable to sell his products from his Storage menu, located in My buildings section.

From the Product section he choose the type of item and also the quality. The quality level is picked by holding the mouse on the desired Quality star. Player need to have the specified items in his storage to update them for sale. Them, he enter the quantity amount - it must be lower or same as the one in the storage.

From the price menu he enter the price he wish to gain from selling. The price which he type is the price per each item. The calculated tax amount is added to the desired price and appear as part of the price into the markets. For example, if a player set desire price of 100 currency and tax level is 5%, on the market price will be seen by customers as 105 currency.

By market menu player adjust the specific country market where he wish to post his items for sell. Player can only sell his items on the markets he has citizenship or market license purchased.

Following items - Energy Drinks, RPG, Missiles - can't be traded on the markets.

If a player want to purchase from another nation market, he need to have a market license purchased for it. If a player is located in a region of this country, he can ONLY PURCHASE items from the local market, and without a market license he CAN'T propose items for sale in this market, even if he is located in the country regions.

Monetary market

Monetary market is very important part of the game and it's economical system. In it, players can exchange gold for currency and currency for gold.

When you visit Monetary market, first menu which appear is the menu in which you pay currency for receiving gold. When you enter the sum which you wish to purchase in gold, a button next to it appear, where it also show calculated amount of local currency needed for the purchase.

In the upper left corner player can adjust his menu in order for you to pay gold for receiving local currency.

Again, the menu work by setting a desired for purchase value - and them button appear calculating how much gold is needed for this purchase.

In both cases the purchase value can't be higher than the offer available amount.

In the upper right button player can update his own offer. For updating it, he needs to have the added for sale amount.

Again, to be able fully operate on the Monetary Market of a different country, you need to have market license for it, or to be located into one of the regions controlled by it.

Company market

Company market is the place where people from same country can purchase or sell their companies for gold to another players.

It is important to mention few important rules valid for company markets.

  • Even if you have market license for this country, it is still not allowed to buy companies from another country member.
  • Companies can't be sold or re-sold 10 days after they was builded / previous bought from the company markets.
  • Companies that are upgraded during discount can't be sold or re-sold after they was builded.
  • Primary companies (those which produce raw materials) can't be published for sale into the company markets.