Wiki | Newspapers


Newspaper can be selected by going to Community -> Journalism.

  • If you have a newspaper this page will provide you to get one.
  • If you have a newspaper this page will redirect you to access it.

Very important: The newspaper will get the citizenship of the country that you are already in, you cant change it later even if you move to another country.

Creating a newspaper

Create Newspaper Screen

You can create a newspaper simply if you meet the requirements:

  • Have at least 2 gold.
  • Be at least level 9.

After you meet those two requirements, you need to type a name for your newspaper (6-25 characters), and you are ready to go.

Manage Your Newspaper

From here you can see and access newspaper options

If you already have a newspaper and you go to your newspaper homepage you can see:

  • The small logo of your newspaper
  • Newspaper Cover
  • Press Director
  • Link to the newspaper Rankings on its country.
  • Number of [[subscribers]].
  • Write article button
  • All articles ranked by most recent.


If a player reaches 100 subscribers he will be awarded with the Media Mogul medal which will give him 5 gold.