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Workout is one of the most important things in the virtual world. When you workout you are increasing your strength. Strength is important in battles, more strength you have, more damage you can deal in battle. You can check how much strength you have on your profile and every 250 strength points you got one Super Soldier medal on your profile.

Above the training list, you can also see the progress of your current medal.

Workout areas

How to workout

To workout, you need to go to "My buildings > Workout area" and then click on "Workout". You can workout only once a day.


The houses give you more recoverable energy and reduce the recovery time depending on their quality. You can also rest in them and then work again (x2 a day) no matter their quality. There are 5 qualities of Houses and they last 7 days:

QualityExtra Recoverable energyRecovery time
Q1 100 -6 seconds
Q2 200 -6 seconds
Q3 300 -6 seconds
Q4 400 -8 seconds
Q5 500 -10 seconds

You can activate all 5 qualities at the same time, but if you activate two or more of the same quality, the period of activation will extend by another 7 days per house. The houses can be bought at the market for currency and can be donated between players, or tot be produced by yourself by building house companies.

It is important to say that if you activate multiple type of houses, their maximum energy is adding up - so if you have Q1 Q3 and Q4 house, you will have +800 maximum energy (100+300+400), but the energy recover time is not adding up - and the recovery rate of the biggest house quality is in use - if you have Q1 Q4 and Q5 house, only the -10 seconds recovery time for the Q5 house will be valid.

How to activate a house

Go to the home page and then: "My buildings > Improved buildings". Here you will see your house/s. Click "Activate" on the house you want to activate.

Once you activate it, it cannot be deactivated. You can see into Improved buildings section how many days are left before your house expires.

Activated house

Congress member

The congress members are chosen on elections by the people. In the elections, people are voting for parties. The exact voting will be unknown until the end of the election day and Congress will be elected due to the % political party has won. In simple examples, for every full 5% the political party win one congress member, if the vote is 15.01% this means 3 Congress members, if it is 14.99% this means 2 members. It's possible for one country to have maximum 20 Congress members. Each congress member can propose maximum 5 Laws.

How to run/candidate for a Congress member

Go to the Home page and then: "Community > Party", now you have to join or create a party. Once you have done that, go to your party page, and in the Congress section, click on "Run for congress".. You can candidate for a congress each month between 6th and 13th. You have to be at least level 16 or above in order to run for a congress.

On 14th of the month, your party president is able to re-build the list of the candidates, and the final list is going to elections on 15th.

Congress section of a party


There are many reasons why people move (travel) to other countries regions. Few of the reasons are:

  • using that countries resources (producing) for bigger production
  • fight in resistance war
  • changing citizenship
  • access to foreign market without a license for it

How to travel #1

  • Go to the home page.
  • Open your profile (Click on your avatar at the top left)
  • Open the Travel tab (Click on Travel)
  • Now choose which country do you want to move to
  • Choose which region of that country you want to move to

There one way how can you travel

  • Travel by paying 0.5 Gold to region inside current country or 1 Gold to region outside of it.
  • Travel by paying 10 local currency to region inside current country or 20 local currency to region outside of it.
  • Travel by paying 50 energy currency to region inside current country or 100 energy to region outside of it.


How to travel #2

  • Go to the home page.
  • Click on your citizen country (bellow your avatar)
  • At the top right next to your citizen country flag you will see an arrow that points down. Click on that arrow.
  • Now choose which country do you want to travel to.
  • At the bottom you will see that country's regions. Click on the region you want to travel to.
  • Click Travel next to the amount you will pay to travel


How to travel #3

This way of travelling is used only when you want to fight in resistance war.

  • Open the resistance battle.
  • Now a popup will appear, that will ask you "You need to be located in to join the fight. Go there now?". Now you have two choices. The first choice is to Change location and the second one to leave the resistance (No, thanks). If you choose Change location you will be redirected to the region's info.
  • Click Travel next to the amount you will pay to travel



The achievements can be achieved when you complete the achievement's objective. There are 15 regular achievements. They can be achieved endless times. Once you achieve one it will turn from grey to golden.

Achievement Achieved when Reward
Hard Worker Worked for 30 days 5 Gold
Congress Member Become a congress member by winning on elections 5 Gold
Country President Become a country president by winning on elections 5 Gold
Media Mogul Reach 100 subscribers on your newspaper 5 Gold
Battle Hero Inflict the highest damage on your side in a battle 5 Gold
Round Hero Inflict the highest damage in a round of a battle 5 Gold
Resistance Hero Started a resistance war and liberated region 5 Gold
Super Soldier Gain 250 strength 5 Gold
Super Officer Gain 250 intelligence 5 Gold
Society Builder Invite a friend to the game and help him reach level 20. 5 Gold
True Patriot Fighting for the country of citizenship and inflicting damage for the citizen country. You can view the True Patriot progress in the True Patriot section bellow the achievements. 5 Gold
True Ally Fighting for the allied countries and inflicting damage for them. You can view the True Ally progress in the True Ally section bellow the achievements. 1 Gold & 25 CC (from country where you reside when fighting)
True Revolutionary Fought in a resistance wars not involving his country. Inflict damage in Resistance Wars all around the world. You can see the current progress in True Revolutionary section below. 1 Gold & 25 CC (from country where you reside when fighting)
Epic Hero Inflicts the highest damage in an epic battle Top 5 players on each side get 50/40/30/20/10 Gold & 10/8/5/3/1 Nukes
God of War Awarded for achieving level 100 and on each 100 levels more 5G and Quest with rewards of Energy Bars, RPGs and Work Tokens

All avaiable achievements.